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Our Saucissons

Using only French fresh meat (V.P.F. certified), our saucissons are made with natural casings and a natural ferment1. Ancestral recipes, traditional savoir-faire and slow drying are the finishing touch to our saucissons from Savoy, for your greatest pleasure.

We produce recipes known by all, like smoked saucissons, hazelnuts saucissons, plain saucissons, as well as specific recipes from our region, like wild garlic, Beaufort cheese, Génépi, Blueberry…

1Natural ferment is the grey or sometimes green mold, totally natural, that covers the surface of the saucisson through its aging process. Its slow fermenting and drying bring to the saucisson its authentic savor with a real terroir taste.

Saucissons 180 grs poids fixe
  • Pure pork saucisson

  • Hazelnut saucisson

  • Beaufort cheese saucisson

  • Wild garlic saucisson

  • Donkey saucisson

  • Boletus mushrooms saucisson

  • Nuts saucisson

  • Reblochon cheese saucisson

  • Génépi saucisson

  • Smoked saucisson

  • Blueberry saucisson

  • Wild boar saucisson

  • Goat cheese saucisson

    • Pepper saucisson*

    • Herbs saucisson*

    • Pine saucisson*

    • Roquefort cheese saucisson*

    • Stag saucisson*

    • Bleu du Vercors cheese saucisson*

    • Abondance cheese saucisson*

    • Duck saucisson*

    • Bull saucisson*

    • Hot pepper saucisson*

    • Olive saucisson*

      *Exclusively at Salaisons du Cayon

Saucissons 350 grs et diots secs - Salaisons du Cayon et des Ducs de Savoie - 73000 Chambéry
Saucissons 350 grs et diots secs - Salaisons du Cayon et des Ducs de Savoie - 73000 Chambéry

NOur dry Saucissons from Savoy (350gm)

  • Countryside Saucisson*

  • Smoked Countryside Saucisson* 

Our dry Diots from Savoy

  • Batch of 5 dry Diots

  • Boletus mushrooms dry Diots*

  • Hazelnut Diots*

  • Pure pork dry Diots*

  • Beaufort cheese dry Diots*

  • Smoked dry Diots*

    *Exclusivement Salaisons du Cayon

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