Terrines et tartinables - Salaisons du Cayon et des Ducs de Savoie - 73000 Chambéry
Our range of Terrines and spreadables

What would be the cured meats from Savoy without the terrines ! In our salting factory, they are French above all.

Following traditional recipes and transforming only fresh meats with low fat, we offer unrivaled and beyond compare Savoyard terrines.

Our classical and Savoyard recipes (Beaufort cheese, wild garlic…) are available in small packaging or in 4 kg packaging.

We also developed a range of spreadables and olivades, to be served for the cocktail hours for your total enjoyment.

Terrines - Salaisons du Cayon and Les Ducs de Savoie
  • The old-school Terrine

  • Hazelnuts Terrine

  • Wild garlic Terrine

  • Beaufort cheese Terrine

  • Terrine with nuts

  • Génépi Terrine

  • Boletus mushrooms Terrine

  • Blueberry Terrine

  • Countryside Terrine

  • Wild boar Terrine

  • Forestry Terrine (with a mix of mushrooms)

Spreadables - Terrines - Salaisons du Cayon and Les Ducs de Savoie
tartinables - terrines - salaisons du cayon et des ducs de Savoie

   Our “Olivades”

  • Green Olivade with Lemon and Mint

  • Green Olivade with Lemon and Basil

  • Green Olivade with Wild garlic

  • Black Olivade with Espelette chili pepper

  • Black Olivade with Feta Cheese

  • Black Olivade with Boletus mushrooms

  • Black Olivade with mountain herbs

   Our Spreadables

  • Spreadable of Beaufort cheese

  • Spreadable of Tomato-basil

  • Spreadable of Goat cheese and Thyme

  • Spreadable of Boletus mushrooms

  • Spreadable of sun-kissed vegetables

Olivades and spreadables
Exclusively at Salaisons du Cayon

Terrine - Whole piece
Terrine - Whole piece - Salaisons du Cayon and Les Ducs de Savoie
  • Beaufort cheese Terrine

  • The old-school Terrine

  • Wild garlic Terrine

  • CountrysideTerrine

  • Génépi Terrine

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