Traditional cured meats production workshop in Chambery (73)
Fresh meat, certified V.P.F. (pork meat produced in France)

Hand crafted salting factories Salaisons du Cayon and Les Ducs de Savoie were born out of the passionate ambition of two persons for good cured meats : Christian Meunier and Guillaume Saint-Martin (son and grandson of butchers).

Wishing to find again the taste of the products of their youth, they started in 2012 the creation of Salaisons du Cayon. Some time later were created Les Ducs de Savoie, for the gourmets’ greatest satisfaction.

Les Salaisons du Cayon and Les Ducs de Savoie are located in the Alps, in Chambéry, at the base of Bauges Massif (Croix du Nivolet), Epine Chain (Dent du Chat), Chartreuse Massif (Mont Granier) and Belledonne Chain.

News from the Cayon 

Our team (nearly 15 persons) work everyday in our traditional workshop. We produce premium local Savoyard products, following traditional recipes from Savoy, carefully handed down for generations.

Being the only salting factory in Chambery, our team has on average more than 20 years of experience in the field of cured meats.

Since we all have the pleasure of eating well, we rigorously select our meats. We maily use V.P.F. certified French meat (pork meat produced in France), with a predilection for the meat coming from local slaughterhouse.

We only use fresh meat and are committed in selecting premium raw materials with low fat content.

Our expertise lies in using noble pieces of meat and then transforming them passionately in our workshop.

Concerned with the health and well-being of our customers, we intend to produce the most natural and wholesome products as possible.

We guarantee our products are manufactured in Savoy, following ancient recipes from our region

and a local traditional savoir-faire!

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